Top 5 Best Domain Name Registrars Comparison

A domain name is like a magic that makes a raw IP address like into a human-friendly comprehendible version of text like Let’s have a look at some most popular domain name registrars that help you register and manage your domains.

In Domain registrars each registrar has access to the same domain names and URLs. This means that no company can provide you with better URL names than other companies.

Here are a few concerns that may intrigue you before you select a domain registrar.

  • What features are being offered with the domain registry package?
  • Is the price competitive with other domain registrars?
  • If not, what features are being offered to compensate for the price difference?
  • Has the company created processes that make it easy for you to manage your services without assistance?

Name Cheap

It was Founded by Richard Kirkendall in 2000, established to provide the opportunity to the common people to create and launch their own websites even when you are not having advanced programming and coding skills and deep pockets. It is quite popular among public as right now it is Serving more than a million clients and hosting over four million domains, we see NameCheap has become one of the market leading web hosting solutions providers today.


ICANN provides accreditations to this leading domain registrar, Namecheap has buildup a strong market share. Although Namecheap’s core product is domain registry services, but still it is provider of additional services including web hosting, email hosting, security and cloud-based services. As the name says Namecheap provides cheap and economical services to avail but its name is not build up based on its cheap services but its popularity is because of fantastic customer service and value-added packages. It is well reputed service provider. It is well known about its authentic services like Solid customer services, free Email and URL forwarding, free& customizable domain parking, free domain transfers, dynamic DNS services if you want to redirect a domain to your home server, and more. You can check their price list for better knowing their packages and service details.


Go Daddy

GoDaddy, which is probably one of the most recognizable names in the domain name registration business. It was founded in 1997, this ICANN-accredited registrar has now credit of entertaining over 59 million domains under its management, over 13 million customers, 14 facilities worldwide, more than 4,000 employees, as well as an astonishing 24/7/365, round the clock customer care operations. As you can imagine, GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar, and in this review we take a look at exactly why that is.


Go Daddy has gained a customer base by offering cheap package deals (combining domain registration and web hosting) plus it offers specials on domain registration. Go Daddy registrations include what amounts to a free mini-hosting plan. You get a five-page web site based on one of their templates, a photo album, blogging tools, and an email account with 1GB of storage. Private registrations are not provided on Go daddy, but if you register five or more domains, it’s free for all of them. You can read more about their pricing schedule and extras on their website.

NameSilo was launched in October 2010 in Phoenix with the mission of giving low-cost website purchases.  It is one of the cheapest platforms in the market of domain registrar. Best thing about it is that you can find and get your favorite domain name in very less price. They also provide free WHOIS protection with any domains purchased. Talking about others mostly registrars charges for providing WHOIS privacy, but at NameSilohas a distinction in providing free life time privacy. They also provide additional protection against spam and unsolicited contacts. The domain prices start from $8.99 and no hidden charges. You can also avail discount coupons.




Hover is another famous Internet domain name registration service. Tucows Incorporated, the second largest ICANN-accredited domain registrar in the world, now that they’ve purchased eNom both jointly formed division HOVER. Tucows is the largest publicly traded registrar and a technology company serving thousands of businesses and millions of Internet users worldwide since 1994. Tucows is currently managing over 10 million domain names online. The domain prices start from $11.50.


The web hosting provider DreamHost is being a Los Angeles-based company and domain name registrar. Besides providing hosting services domain registrars is also their side product. Domain privacy is free with DreamHost, and domains can be registered for $11.95.This means that if you get a hosting package from DreamHost you’ll also get a free domain.


Visit DreamHost and get your free domain name.

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How to Choose a Domain Name?

Image Domain Name
How To Choose Domain Name

While building your online business you need a website for publishing your products. Building a website needs its own technicalities and requirements. Domain name is one of the significant step. Domain name is basically an identifier of IP Addresses & webpages. They are used in URLs of websites where they specify a webpage.

A domain name is very significant technical step in building your website. It makes website to easily access its success. Without a domain name internet addressing scheme will result into a failure. Now we see this process has its own complications and sensitivities so this act should be done according to an organized procedure. Some key steps to this procedure are given below.

Steps image
Steps to Choose Damion Name

No Hyphens, Short & Easy Spell

Domain name doesn’t require any flowery punctuation. It must be short and is not dependent on complex part of language. Use the words that are simple and easily comprehendible. People can swiftly pronounce them and use them in their writings so easy spellings should be an objective too.

Better Keywords Arrangement

Your domain name should necessarily consist of keywords that would be helpful in ranking for search engines. Think about the related terms that can match the type of your domain. For example, we see if we set adventurous holidays as keywords, then would serve better domain name than

Maybe Its Your Own Name

Choose a domain name that consists of your name. this is a wisest thing to do because in future if you are not going to further deal with your domain name still it can benefit you. Holding a domain name on your name has its own charms and maybe it will serve as household name. who knows!

Make it Expandable

Never use a name that limits you up to certain fences. Always try to think out of the box. Never rely on present condition. Think beyond the limitations because sky is not the limit. Might be possible you get to expand your business but your domain name shows only one dimension then what are you going to do? So, its wise to have a name that is multi-dimensional and can be used in case of expansions. For example, is good domain name for a bakery but what if it’s going to expand its business by offering drinks or confectionery items. Another thing while naming a domain must be kept in mind that it must not specify certain age stages like as it can create complications for you if you expand your money making business in future.

Avoid string of words

A lot of options in form of your interests and keywords might puzzle you and you may end up using them all creating a complex string. This should be avoided in all cases because it not only creates mess for you but also create a mishmash image of your is a recipe for major confusion when a visitor is trying to remember the correct order.

Steps image
Steps to Choose Domain Name

Avoid obscure terms

Flowery language, complex vocabulary and technical terms should always be avoided. You might think it is creating a very genius image of your website but it may not make sound to visitors and non-familiarity would cause less traffic.

Be Creative

Online niche business is taking over the world and almost billions of people are trading via internet. This creates unavailability of your desired names as much of them may be taken by others and redundancy on internet is not appreciated in any case. So, to overcome this situation use your mental capabilities and create your own specific unique name. maybe you will have to pay some extra time to it but I the end that name will be totally worth your arduous work. You can create this by looking up in a thesaurus taking ideas or you can create your domain name on your nick or your most favorite phrase. Sounds cool!

Check Availability

Check the credibility of your name on other social medias like Facebook, twitter and on your blogs too. As it will contribute to the brand creation and recognition of your business.

Paying Attention Don’t Overthink

Paying attention and thinking on a topic is good but overthinking is like poison to your business. This causes anxiety in you and may compel you to take decisions that may be vague and unrepeatable. Overthinking results in wrong choices. So, avoid it because overthinking creates problems that were never existent.

Domain Name Generator

Use authenticated software that can search domain names and generate company names for you. It will consider your provided keywords and generate related domain names. Domain name generator can provide you with domain name suggestions, website name generator, URL generator, company name generator and domain name search.

After domain name selection the next step is find out best domain name registrars.