How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider

Image Server
Web Hosting Servers

A web hosting providing company is an internet business that enables websites of different organizations accessible via www. They basically provide space on server in form of ownership or lease to users. It also provides internet connectivity services in data centers.

Types of Web Hosting Providers

Based on requirements & functionality web hosting providers are of many types because their work according to different plans.

Individual Plan
This is a convenient option made for use at smaller scale. It has low price and for smaller period. Typically, these providers have a package having some domain name, online storage and some other limited features. For Example, Host Gator is a web hosting provider that provides its services for $3.95/month. Their basic plan come with 10GB so storage, unlimited monthly transfer, hosted emails plus it also gives you a free domain name. it is a very suitable package for those who not require much website traffic or some special needs.

Dedicated Servers
Individual plans become “shared hosting plans’’ when they start sharing space with other webmasters on hosting servers. Webmaster upon maturity tend to outgrow to an independent entity that provides companies their own servers.
These plans bear more costs because of its extensions and acquisitions. Such as Host Gator’s are offering an initial package of 139/month. One thing must be kept in mind that if you are looking forward to gaining a growth that can demand upgradation afterwards so choose such a provider that allows transitions in both servers.

Reseller Accounts
It is a unique niche of its own kind that exists somewhere between Individual plan & dedicated server array. It gives account holder to make different plans within his single account. They are for low cost budget businessmen who have several small websites. Usually they cost somewhat between $10-$20.

What’s Important in a Hosting Provider?

You need the ability to rapidly scale your website as your target audience grows and the resiliency to handle sudden bursts of high traffic,” said Ball.
Picking a suitable website provider requires you to work on some Ss.

• Support • Speed
• Security • Scale

Hosting Services are available in diverse price range a s we discussed above in the types of web hosting providers. They may range from few dollars to thousands of dollars depending upon the nature of your website. If you’re a small business getting started, you can probably do quite well with a cloud, virtual private server, or managed service ranging from $10 to $100 per month.

Selection of web hosting providers is the task upon which your websites successive operations are dependent. If u get a good and authentic website provider it can surely help you achieve your desired traffic goals on website. Let us discuss some key features that you must consider while choosing a website provider.

• Decide how much hand holding you’ll need
• Understand server types
• Beware of unlimited offers
• Own your domain name
• Choose a right web-hosting

Decide How Much Hand-Holding You’ll Need
Customer services provided by web hosts may vary from company to company and requirements of the user too.Some provide access to emails, tickets and support phone systems while some provide other services like turnaround time on requests and even 24 hours phone support. It is operated via vendors and when you inquire about basic configuration it is the vendor who deals with you rather than system managers and it is considered as a big limitation. If you want to overcome with this limitation you need to work on finding for the manager who will delegate the management of your site nicely.

The management service providers will do following tasks:
Make sure system proper configuration
• Keep eye on security issues
• Patch software for certain requirements
• Mange backup among other tasks.

Estimate the Traffic you Expect
Hosting provider service is comprised of two main factors:

• Bandwidth usage

Bandwidth basically measure the number of bytes you serve over a given

Image Traffic
Web Traffic

period. If you know that there will be low visit than you will be going to have less bandwidth. In case of high featuring and ranking by Google bandwidth requirement changes. If you’re honest with yourself, you will face less risk. For instance, if you plan to only serve a few pages to a few local customers, you’ll never run short of any limits. But if you know that you’re really building a site that will stress low-end shared servers, be sure to pick a dedicated or cloud-based server.

Understand Server Types
Shared servers provide all types of web hosting ranging from cheapest to dearest depending on the usage and load. Hundreds of websites work under the umbrella of one box from service provider on shared servers. So the website than performs according to load given to server by other sites because this is the shared sever. There is another limitation of shared server i.e:

• shared hosting limits your access to server capabilities
• limits you to upload file via FTP or SFTP
• prevents shell access
• limit the amount of database access your site can perform

VPS (full private server) is a complete description of a virtual machine that is running a box. Hosting providers can run many VPS instances over a single box. But plus point of this tier is that performance I way better than base-level shared services. A VPS user is always aware about basic server maintenance & management. A dedicated server should be adopted if you want to keep your performance secret and well protected and hidden. Dedicated servers that we just discussed above in the article. It is just like working at home server sitting behind your desk but its located in a service providers data center.

Another option you can go for is cloud servers. They are used when you are working on large scale and giant public clouds. Amazon web services and Azure are the best examples. Service providers can provide you customized configurations as per your demand that suits you the best. The benefit of this type of server is that you can operate seamlessly. You can handle the traffic easily, no matter what is the traffic size, all you need is to pay money and handle the traffic in case of abrupt increase in traffic. Just pay some extra money rather than re-building.

Beware of Unlimited Offers
Hosting provider services come along different packages and offers for customer convenience an attraction. They may offer unlimited storage or bandwidth for some money. It may sound attractive and simple on the surface but it is not that much simple. It may show up with some exclusive terms and condition that may show up later according to which your provider has certain rights like shutting down after a certain usage or throttle your performance.

Choose a Portable Content Management System to Avoid Lock-in
Change is the only thing that is constant in this temporary world.So whenever you chose your provider keep in mind to make that you keep your backup plans ready. Because no matter how much trustable a provider change but as we see change overtakes everything so might be possible that the provider has change in its policies or managements or gets acquired and they may claim to shut down or alter your content so for this unpredictable circumstance keep yourself always ready to face it manfully and always keep your backup plan ready. This is how you can keep backup in some ways.

• For my business, I make sure I use an open source content management system.
• Many people use WordPress on top of PHP, which will run on just about anything.
• Do regular updates and site backups, so you always have access to your site’s data, media and structure.
• This approach means all you need to do is load your backup on another provider’s service and point your domain name to that provider.

Own Your Domain Name
“Make sure you own the domain. That way you can change providers if needed, and own any earned SEO benefits,” Rubright.
Nicholas Rubright, founder and CEO of streaming music service Dozmia, recommends that all fledgling businesses own their domains.

When you get complete knowledge about setting your website and ready to get started now it’s time for you to show your skills and your products that will distinguish you from others. Check your field availability and Voila! You are ready to get started.

Features of A good Web Hosting Provider

We see there exist a lot of choices in market when go for choosing a right provider. It is now up to an entrepreneur’s decisive skills that how he manages to choose the perfect provider. A perfect provider can be defined as the one who supports your business needs and doesn’t create any problems for your website’s success. There is an important CCCSS criterion upon which a provider’s services can be judged to be perfect. These points are listed below:

• Cost
• Customer Review
• Customer’s Support
• Storage& Bandwidth Allowances
• Script Support

Cost is one of the biggest factor that must be considered while looking for provider. It is related to your affordability. Always prefer the one who offers you the most suitable offers and avoid going for free hosting programs. As they can be scam, fraud or limited. Sometimes their low costs or free offers are often subsidized by required on-site advertisements. You have to put their ads on your website which can cause a negative effect on the website visitors.

Customer’s Review
Always consider customers’ review before choosing your provider. They provide you the best stuff to evaluate the provider. Their experience story says it all. A single positive or negative review can make a provider either to go high up inthe sky or go into the depths of failures. This shows the power of customer’s feedback. Keep in mind always go and search for more and more reviews and take decisions after frequent visits so that you can get a chance to see reviews fromconsiderable number rather than depending on one single positive review they may be generated by the marketing department of organization itself.

Customer Support

Images Support
Customer Support

A dependable customer support adds a lot to your business. It doesn’t make difference whatever your business is customers make their own impact by their support. Their support can even cause you to rise and rise again in case of failures and they also help in business flourishment. Customers are like life support system to your business. If Things don’t go good on your website’s backend, but getting support from customers, it can go a long way toward minimizing any potential damage to your business. It is wise to select companies that provide phone support, email access and online chat at minute hand. Before committing to a plan, test out reliability of these organizations that how can the show up in case of potential consequences.

Storage and Bandwidth Allowances
As more hosting plans begin offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth, this may not be a concern for your business. But it’s still important to be aware of any limitations to ensure that your plan has enough space for your website to operate effectively.

Script Support
Another most important feature that you should never neglect is you must check that how the providing company supports popular web scripts on built-in bases. Like, if you want to run WordPress on your website. You must check that either your host offered built-in script packages that make the installation of this popular blogging platform easy or not. This is because many hosts limit the number of MySQL that can be created, which you’ll need to run WordPress Blog and other programs.

In my coming posts you will read famous web hosting provider reviews.

List Of Mega Profitable Niches 2018

Profitable Niches
Mega Profitable Niches

Identifying a Profitable Niche Market is the foremost step in online business that helps in spreading business around in the world. In an online business, there is great versatility when you talk about market and niches. The niche with most competitive advantage is niche that is related to an interest or hobby because people tend to get more attracted toward their passion than any other thing.

So, we have compiled a list of niche and sub niches that you can consider for your business.

  • Automobile Industry
  • Computer Technology
  • Food / Health/ Science
  • Electronic products & Appliances
  • Media
  • Apparels and Accessories
  • Mobile phones & Gadgets
  • Education & Learning
  • Home Décor
  • Dancing/Aerobics/Yoga Areas
  • Online Marketing space

Automobile Industry

Automobile industry is one of the most benefiting niche that can be opted. Automobiles industry is never out of demand. Because we see whatever are the consequences any economy faces, they will need automobile. I’m listing significant sub niches in this industry.

Automotive Industry
Sub Niches Automotive Industry

Computer Technology

This is the modern era and this era is completely taken over by computers and artificial intelligence. Everything in every field is computer operated. Whether you are going to mark your attendance or you need to order your lunch or you need to save some file. Everything these days is computerized. If one wants to keep pace with modern world he must be aware of computers and using them. So it now crystal clear that working and dealing in computer business can have how much beneficial aspects. As basic needs of an individual can be fulfilled anyways but as some social animal, human beings will always look for computer niches to fulfill their needs.  Some of the sub niches that we have considered are listed below.

Computer Technology
Sub Niches Computer Technology

Food/Health/Nutrition Space

Food is the basic necessity for the survival of life. So, people can never ignore as it is needed by people no matter whatever their life style and earning is. Because everyone knows that things in life make matter when you are alive. This niche has an interesting aspect that it covers other aspects such as nutrition and health. Carrying out a web market in this niche has vast scope and you can operate in this field by providing solutions to certain food & health issues. We are providing you some of the sub-niches over which you can work and have a look how much this list is extensive.

Food & Health
Sub Niches in Food & Health

Electronic Products and Appliances

Electronic products require care for their handling as it has certain hazards plus they are costly enough so people often need guidance before buying them. So, you can write informative blogs regarding assorted products. Some of the sub niches ideas for this niche are given below.

Electronic products
Sub Niches List Electronic products

Media-rew1lated Niche Ideas

Media is a vast field that is related to news, entertainment, gossips, forums, discussions etc. so obviously it has a lot of sub-niches.

Sub Niches List Media

Clothing/Dressing and Accessories

Clothing is the necessity of human beings since the first day of universe. Human race is quite fond of covering body with the most stylish apparels and their styles change with the changing society standards and tastes. Clothing accomplishes functional needs but also the societal needs. So, it is always to choose niche related to dressing and clothing as this investment never fails to generate profit. This niche has a lot of versatility as it is linked with many aspects so this niche has a lot of options in it.

Sub Niches List Clothing/Dressing

Cellphones / Smartphones / Mobile Gadgets Niche Ideas

Mobile are getting importance like oxygen with every passing day. Everyone owns a cellphone and these phones are equipped with latest technologies and all this is making our world a global village. Distance means nothing no because people have got so close to each other. mobile and other related gadgets have lot of interest attractions for them and they always keen about cellphone related news. So this interest of people is making mobile phone niche the highest paying niche. You can work on its sub-niches to update people more and more about phones.

Mobile Industry
Sub Niches List Mobile Industry

Education / Learning

Learning is the ultimate thing that is some individual misses in his or her life he cannot move in this world. Learning is the thing that distinguishes Human beings from other creatures. You need to learn about everything and this learning process starts occurring with your birth. You need to learn and gain knowledge about various aspects of world so in this way education is sub-divided into many branches. So is the niche of education. Let’s check it.

Image Education & Learning
Sub Niches Education & Learning

Home Décor and Relative Aspects

By the changing times the aesthetic sense of people has gained much popularity. They always look keen towards styling their houses, offices & their places. So we see there is lot of space in this niche too.

Home Décor
Sub Niches Home Décor

Dancing/Aerobics/Yoga Areas

People in this age are more aware and coconscious about their lifestyles. They want to look beautiful so they improvise their body to build their own mantra. People need to know stuff, they need to be guided and they can’t just go on and do it on their own. They are willing to pay for such guidance too. So this niche can be adopted to gain profits. Its sub-niches are listed below.

  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Dances

Niche Ideas in the Online Marketing Space

Online marketing space has much scope in it and you can work on it in so many ways. Here is a list from which you can choose as per your interest and convenience.

  • Making money with affiliate marketing
  • Make money blogging
  • Content marketing, how to create quality content, creating viral content
  • Search engine optimization, link building, SEO copywriting
  • Traffic generation
  • Social media marketing
  • Email Marketing, list building
  • Blogging/Marketing Tools – reviews, comparisons, tutorials


We see online market is such a vast field with thousands of options. It just like a market with endless potential. The more you seek more you get all it needs is your attention and arduous work. Choose wisely and the best that people may consider and result you in high website traffic.

How to Choose a Domain Name?

Image Domain Name
How To Choose Domain Name

While building your online business you need a website for publishing your products. Building a website needs its own technicalities and requirements. Domain name is one of the significant step. Domain name is basically an identifier of IP Addresses & webpages. They are used in URLs of websites where they specify a webpage.

A domain name is very significant technical step in building your website. It makes website to easily access its success. Without a domain name internet addressing scheme will result into a failure. Now we see this process has its own complications and sensitivities so this act should be done according to an organized procedure. Some key steps to this procedure are given below.

Steps image
Steps to Choose Damion Name

No Hyphens, Short & Easy Spell

Domain name doesn’t require any flowery punctuation. It must be short and is not dependent on complex part of language. Use the words that are simple and easily comprehendible. People can swiftly pronounce them and use them in their writings so easy spellings should be an objective too.

Better Keywords Arrangement

Your domain name should necessarily consist of keywords that would be helpful in ranking for search engines. Think about the related terms that can match the type of your domain. For example, we see if we set adventurous holidays as keywords, then would serve better domain name than

Maybe Its Your Own Name

Choose a domain name that consists of your name. this is a wisest thing to do because in future if you are not going to further deal with your domain name still it can benefit you. Holding a domain name on your name has its own charms and maybe it will serve as household name. who knows!

Make it Expandable

Never use a name that limits you up to certain fences. Always try to think out of the box. Never rely on present condition. Think beyond the limitations because sky is not the limit. Might be possible you get to expand your business but your domain name shows only one dimension then what are you going to do? So, its wise to have a name that is multi-dimensional and can be used in case of expansions. For example, is good domain name for a bakery but what if it’s going to expand its business by offering drinks or confectionery items. Another thing while naming a domain must be kept in mind that it must not specify certain age stages like as it can create complications for you if you expand your money making business in future.

Avoid string of words

A lot of options in form of your interests and keywords might puzzle you and you may end up using them all creating a complex string. This should be avoided in all cases because it not only creates mess for you but also create a mishmash image of your is a recipe for major confusion when a visitor is trying to remember the correct order.

Steps image
Steps to Choose Domain Name

Avoid obscure terms

Flowery language, complex vocabulary and technical terms should always be avoided. You might think it is creating a very genius image of your website but it may not make sound to visitors and non-familiarity would cause less traffic.

Be Creative

Online niche business is taking over the world and almost billions of people are trading via internet. This creates unavailability of your desired names as much of them may be taken by others and redundancy on internet is not appreciated in any case. So, to overcome this situation use your mental capabilities and create your own specific unique name. maybe you will have to pay some extra time to it but I the end that name will be totally worth your arduous work. You can create this by looking up in a thesaurus taking ideas or you can create your domain name on your nick or your most favorite phrase. Sounds cool!

Check Availability

Check the credibility of your name on other social medias like Facebook, twitter and on your blogs too. As it will contribute to the brand creation and recognition of your business.

Paying Attention Don’t Overthink

Paying attention and thinking on a topic is good but overthinking is like poison to your business. This causes anxiety in you and may compel you to take decisions that may be vague and unrepeatable. Overthinking results in wrong choices. So, avoid it because overthinking creates problems that were never existent.

Domain Name Generator

Use authenticated software that can search domain names and generate company names for you. It will consider your provided keywords and generate related domain names. Domain name generator can provide you with domain name suggestions, website name generator, URL generator, company name generator and domain name search.

After domain name selection the next step is find out best domain name registrars.


How to find profitable niche Markets?

Identifying a Niche market is the foremost step in online business that helps in spreading business around in the world. In an online business, there is great versatility when you talk about market and niches. The niche with most

Find Your Niche
Find your niche

competitive advantage is niche that is related to an interest or hobby because people tend to get more attracted toward their passion than any other thing.

How to identify target markets?

Every niche has its own potential. Some are more profitable some have other attributes. Now we see that niche is this much important so let us see how to build a niche, because it is the basic step in building up your online business. So, make your identity and find your niche, your market and the related industry that is will be producing profit for you.

Once people get attracted and your brand gets recognized and it starts getting followers, subscribers, trafficking now it’s time for owner to get monetize it. Profit making has many ways in this type of working. Either you can affiliate marketing by promoting products of other producers that address the need of consumers and customers. You can also earn profit by presenting your own ideas or products. Profit gaining in any business is not as simple as it sounds but it requires proper strategy and a complete action plan. This plan and strategy varies from business to business because every business has its own requirements and specifications.

There are some steps in the method of niche marketing.

Brainstorming⇒Working⇒Find a passion⇒Look for potential to earn money⇒Look for long term potentials

Brainstorming process

Whenever you are working on a niche in an online business you must work thoroughly on your rough and vague thoughts. This is brainstorming. It is most recommended for people who are working on it because the rough thoughts would turn to diamonds tomorrow. Who knows? Talking about brainstorming, it has no specific method or formula. You cannot say oh here is the equation that we need to follow for the brainstorming. It’s not like that. You need to think and think, give your mind some high drill, consider the better options, cancel the old-ones if better thoughts or ideas come to doesn’t mean that all you must think is abrupt and random. First, you will have to consider a passion, hobby or an interest that will be considered further while brainstorming.

Now if u think that you have some creative ideas pen down them or make a document so that it will help you afterwards while taking a decision. Noting down your ideas is of much importance as it helps you to identify your own hobbies, goals and objectives and of course your passion over which you can build up your business. You can start up your business in any niche but if it’s based on your own passion it will surely give advantage to your business as you will be more interested and work more attentively and passionately.

You don’t have to be a guru or expert

While working on your business based on your passion, it doesn’t require any expertise in the field. Your challenging work and attention would do suffice. You don’t need to be expert or guru but if you start working on it you will become guru one day and that is pretty good. All people are not born experts, some have to pave their own paths with help of arduous work and enthusiasm which will give you experience as a result. After this they can share their struggle story with people and help others to meet the goals of their lives. We really need people are serve as lighthouses for people.

Finding a passion

To get experience you need to find some key field that can be your passion, interest or hobby over which you will have to work. We see different markets and niches but choosing a niche based on your interest is very crucial as it gets your all attention as discussed above plus if your interest is not much up to superlative level, you will develop interest once you start working over it and trust me it will benefit you afterwards surely. If you have more than one interest then you can make a list of all and then select the one which creates more passion. After this choose one and get started with it.

Look for profit potential

Once you make a list of your hobbies or ideas, not only look about your interest but also look for the field that has a great profit potential in market. Profit seeking aspect should never be ignored because this what business are mainly done for and trust me watching your interest making money for you gives you an immense pleasure that gives you feeling like your ideas or passions are liked by people and they serve as their needs and desires. It feels like you are celebrity whose passion is getting heavy traffic and followed. Your demand is rising and it’s pleasuring and soul-soothing.

You can also observe this by conducting researches to see the activity of people in your related niche. This will also serve as feedback to you and you can easily track it on other blogs or YouTube videos and other social medias.

Choosing internet as your tracking tool is very clever choice because anything on internet is transparent and clear. You have direct interaction with users and subscribers. You can get innovative ideas and plans in raw form too over which you can work further. There is a lot of potential on internet that if you can extract proves to be monetarily beneficial for you. So online surveys and research conduction can be a lot more helpful than an Individual may think.

Think long-term, not just short-term

Online business in not about thinking only about present, it requires a long-term planning over long time periods. Think beyond the present features. Keep a space for future modifications and amendments whenever required due to any reason. You should be paying heed to many aspects.

  • Building a business
  • Building a brand
  • Long-term planning
  • Strategies about your niche
  • Target markets
  • Business plans and their required genre

So, these are some of the very important business doing tips. This kind of process will help you to flourish your business by leaps and bounds. Make up your business by brainstorming, researching, initiating and taking feedbacks. When you start working this way your business after this makes profit for you that is way more exciting as it is the fruit of your demanding work. After this take steps to make your blogs, website, business and stick to your business plan.

If you work on your business according to described way then you are an owner of a successful business in the future. This way of working business is helpful in gaining all the kind of business advantages that one may wish to get.

This is the 3rd post in the series of How to earn money online.

How To Earn Money Online

“Money makes the world go round” An English Literature Essay.

“How to earn money online” This is the most common question people now a day’s Google. 10 years ago, I was also in this phase and savvy many websites collecting data and ideas on how to earn money from online posts. After analysis what was better for me I started to implement one of my figured out program. I started to work day and night to earn money but I couldn’t earn as much as I expected. But I learned a lot how internet marketer could earn. Then I changed my strategy and now I am earning more than I ever expected.

If you are trying to find out an easy way to earn money online then no need to worry anymore. You have come to the right place. I am sure this post is giving you more sense how you can do it.

Money Growth Graph Bar
Money Growth Graph Bar

Ways To Earn Money Online

There are many ways to earn money online and it is really difficult to mention in one post. Here are some I would like to share:

Start a blog, Website flipping, Virtual assistant, eCommerce platform, Work as a freelancer, Affiliate marketing, Captcha Solver, Charity worker or volunteer, Shipper, Review websites & apps for cash, Online trading, Paid for searching the web, Online surveys, No-risk matched betting, Get Paid To’ sites, Write and publish a Kindle eBook, Become a ‘Click worker’, Look at Ads on Your Smartphone, Tutor Chess Players, Clean Up Search Engines, Gigs on Fiverr, Get Paid to Watch Videos, Join Focus Groups, Review music for money, Buy and sell domain names, Mystery shopping, YouTube videos, Network marketing, Lead generation, Adsense, CPA marketing, Guest posting, Sells any kind of services and through some automated software’s.

But the main element work behind to earn money online is your brain. How sharp it is. If you are intelligent, have fruitful ideas and also have capability to utilizing these ideas then there shouldn’t be any problem making decent money online. Don’t wait go ahead. Maybe you will be millionaire in no time.

Keep in mind in online world huge money involve in every niche/segment. Therefore, always try to choose a niche/segment where your interests are involved, you can act as a problem solver. This can be tricky: You could list all of your interests, passions and still come away feeling as if you haven’t hit upon the singular thing you were meant to do.

Savvy the websites read what marketer are doing, and learn strategies they are adopting, don’t be scared, don’t hesitate do everything with full confidence.This is by no means comprehensive, but it highlights some of the new and interesting ways you can earn money online without spending a single penny.

In my next post I will let you know what a niche is and how to find a profitable niche market. If you like my posts please go ahead bookmark it and do share your own ideas in the comments!

Shehzad Ch